In 2001 Adacta Sensorynet – the first Italian network of sensory laboratories – was created.


It is a network of sensory rooms divided per product categories and accurately selected and followed by the Adacta experts.


The network groups together some of the main organizations of this field under the scientific and operational supervision of the Adacta researchers. It represents a centre of methodological innovation and a reference point of the sensory culture in Italy.


With more than 100 sensory assessors available (Iso 8586/1 – Iso 8586/2 – Guideline no. 37 CCFRA), organized into 12 panels specialized by product macro – categories and able to manage more than 150 projects a year.


The sensory assessors of Adacta Sensorynet unit are carefully selected and chosen among those people who, in addition to their natural attitudes, are interested in a sensorial training that will transform them into real “product experts”.


The large number of projects relating to a specific product category, on which each panel of assessors works, develops their specific knowledge of the product, their analysis ability and their attention to details.


Our panels have gained solid expertise in the following categories, to name but a few:

  • oils, sauces and seasoning
  • superfine flour and egg pasta
  • fresh and frozen ready-to-eat products
  • substitutes of bread and salty snacks
  • milk and fresh derivatives (soft cheese, yoghurt, ice-creams… )
  • fresh and matured cheese
  • cold meats and salami
  • fresh and frozen vegetables: vegetable preserves
  • coffee and infusions
  • soft drinks
  • sweet baked products and chocolate
  • cosmetics, detergents and personal care products