Information about ex UE Regulation n° 679/2016, art. 13 and 14


This information is provided pursuant to and for the purposes of the provisions of EU Regulation No. 679/2016, concerning the protection of personal data, to all those who interact with the web services of the website (


These data are and will be processed – through the use of automated electronic means and / or even manually – according to law, according to the principles established by art. 5 of the aforementioned Regulation, in a lawful, correct and transparent manner, in order to fully protect the confidentiality and rights granted to you.


Your data cannot be used for any other purpose, in addition to those indicated below and will be stored exclusively for such purposes and not beyond the time required by law.

In particular:

(a) for obligations deriving from regulatory commitments, including accounting and tax duties;

(b) for obligations deriving from the assumption of contractual commitments to you;

(c) for advertising and / or promotional purposes and / or market surveys;

(d) to provide references for our company also by including your name in the list of customers (or suppliers).

Professional staff, support services staff and administrative services staff may be aware of your personal data.


Your data may also be communicated, for the purposes indicated, to:

1) anyone who is legitimate recipient of communications required by law or regulation (such as, for example, offices and public authorities);

2)  anyone who is the recipient of communications necessary to fulfill the obligations arising from this contract (such as, for example: Banks, Credit Institutions, Insurance Companies);

3) management services company which Adacta uses to fulfill its legal or contractual obligations;

4) company consultants;

5) any partner companies of Adacta and other companies duly appointed as data processors, where required, in accordance with the law.

6) potential customers for the purposes indicated at bullet point (d) and disseminated with the customer list (suppliers).


In consideration of the existence of telematics, IT or correspondence connections with the above mentioned subjects, your data may be transferred abroad, even outside the EU, after verification of compliance with the regulatory provisions of the aforementioned Regulation.

Data controller is ADACTA S.p.A., Corso Vittorio Emanuele 122D, 80121 Napoli NA IT – PIVA 06509420631.


To assert your rights, as foreseen by the articles: 15 (Access), 16 (Correction), 17 (Cancellation), 18 (Limitation on data processing), 19 (Notification of rectification or cancellation), 20 (Data portability) , 21 (Opposition), 22 (Opposition to automated decision-making processes) and 34 (Communication of violation of personal data) you can contact the person responsible for data protection (mail: We also inform you that you can lodge a complaint with the Privacy Authority.