The management systems of Adacta S.p.A. are certified to ISO 9001:2008, like the majority of companies that carry out their activities in compliance with the quality standards. In addition to this, Adacta S.p.A. has recently obtained the UNI ISO 20252:2012 certification, which specifically establishes the terms and definitions as well as the service requirements for organizations and professionals conducting market, opinion and social research.


Nowadays Adacta S.p.A. and Consensory®Center are among the first market research agencies in Italy meeting the requirements set by the standard in terms of consistency, reliability, transparency, effectiveness of the data collection process and data analysis.
Since 2010, Adacta has been the only private Italian partner of the European Sensory Network that, thanks to the collaboration of its numerous partners, organizes and carries out international studies in many European and non-European Countries.


We had to pass very rigorous tests to be admitted. Indeed, the network assesses the skills of methodology innovation, production of scientific contributions, instrumental and technical equipment of its Members rather than their capacity to bring clients and business.
ESN groups different partners all over the world, selected only after they have proven to be the best in applying the sensory analysis and consumer science techniques in their Country.


Adacta is also a member of Assirm and complies with Esomar code of conduct (International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice).