multy-country hub

International research

We help companies to be aware of consumers’ opinions  all over the world and to conquer foreign markets with their products

multy-country hub

What’s Multy

Multy– Country Consumer Testing Hub is a market research independent agencies platform operating under Adacta International researchers coordination.

Its purpose is to allow a market research in different nations offering the client one single reference point for coordination.

hub partners

Selection criteria

Quality standards and best practice drive the selection of the international hub members international.


Specializzation in consumer & sensory testing.


Propensity to innovation


Highly established reputation on the market


High competence level


Enthusiasm and interest in becoming hub members


Passion for collaborating with consumers

data collection

International coordination

All partners are fully trained and rigorously briefed at the start of each project to ensure consistency of procedure

International coverage

4000 interviewers specialized in market research in the main countries of the world

Training programes

highly qualified and trained staff to carry out market research focused on consumers

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