Our specialisation in products

For many of our clients we have become, in time, real product coaches and that is what we want to be

In Adacta International we focus our work on products and strategies which make a successful brand out of it.
For over 30 years we have been developing new solutions in order to support the decisions of companies that are aware of the importance of listening to the consumer.
For us “Adactians” senses and emotions play a crucial role in consumers’ buying attitudes and behaviour.

…that’s why our motto is “be guided by your senses”

a scientific approach

adacta international invests in scientific research methodological innovation and specialization of our own resources. 

We are the only Italian private research institution admitted to join the European Sensory network (ESN) the international association coordinating companies and research academic institutions, both private and public, operating in the field of sensory sciences, focusing on consumers’ behavior and choices. ESN’s aim is to experiment and develop innovative research methodologies and techniques.

 Our researchers are the authors of more than 25 scientific papers and are members of SISS (Italian Society of Sensory Sciences)

We have been financing for years the «Annalisa Intermoia» biennal award, intended for young researchers in the sector of consumer &sensory science.

In addition, thanks to our Academy, we offer targeted training to companies willing to increase their competence in the field of consumer & sensory science.

Our research techniques

senses, and emotions play a crucial role in the consumer/product relation and their interpretation requires sophisticated methodologies

There is a gap between the diagnosis and the solution of a problem. We have therefore developed a range of solutions in order to provide answers embodying both the diagnosis and the care of the problem.
We do not just provide interpretations but we are capable of handling the very productive process, contributing to the product construction with accurate suggestions, combining R& D with marketing demands.
Our psychologists, food technologists, statisticians, biologists and chemists have always been interacting with consumers, sensory judges and different corporate functions in order to make them focus actionable insights. 

consumer & sensory school

refresher and in-depth coursed tailored on our customers’ needs

Our main objective is to disseminate the culture of consumer & sensory sciences, in order to promote their application within companies. We do not offer ready-made solutions as companies’ needs are different. Sensory experts, food technologists, marketing researchers, statistics consultants will closely support those companies who want to increase their skills in the area of sensory sciences.

We offer a customized partnership based on a shared analysis of the company’s needs and peculiarities leading to the creation of specific sensory science consultancy and training programs including refresher courses, entirely carried out at company venues


Adacta Benchmark

30 years of data collection

ADACTA overall database contains the Overall Liking data collected “blind” in 30+ years of consumer tests.

The database includes now the Liking data of over 15,000 products, organised according to INDICOD classification.

These benchmark data are precious, because useful for a more complete and appropriate interpretation/evaluation of the results of each new test. Such “added value” is made possible by the richness ADACTA database now has and for that it is unique of its kind.

quality certification

rispettiamo il nostro sistema di qualità perché ci aiuta a lavorare meglio

Our company management system is certified ISO 9001:2015. In order to monitor the quality of the company process and their compliance with internal guide lines, a «quality control unit « was created to grant the correct flow of activities and timeliness.

We are also committed to comply with:

– ASSIRM Code, therefore failure to comply with the provisions of the code may be regarded as prejudicial to the interests of the category and the Association and may provide sufficient ground for the application of disciplinary sanctions provided for.

– ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Practice is therefore subject to disciplinary procedures in case of failure to comply with the rules therewith contained.

consensory® corner

modern sensory labs within areas devoted to product testing and consumer research

We created Consensory® corners to put into practice our product research vision. A careful design of the spaces resulting from the advice of experts who have worked for years with national and international companies, has enabled us to create functionally integrated areas

The Sensory Rooms in Bologna and Naples, dedicated to the objective analysis of the sensory features of products, are equipped with 30 booths for the individual evaluation of sensory assessors.

multi-country hub


Thanks to Multy-Country Hub we have helped our clients to gain not only national but also foreign markets, learning about the opinions of overseas consumers, in particular those from Brazil, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, USA

We are proud to say that in the last 5 years the average satisfaction score expressed by our clients on our organization has been 8.44 (on a scale of 1 to 9).


every year our logistics experts oversee the handling of many thousands of samples to be tested

Logistics is a key element in market research in particular for those agencies, such as Adacta International, who decided to specialise in product testing.

Why us

The reason for choosing us