consensory corners

The sensory


Le sensory room

2 sensory laboratories in Bologna and Naples with 30 equipped booths (ISO 8589) used for the objective analysis of sensory qualities of products

Culinary center

The sensory rooms are connected to a culinary center, to a sample preparation room and to a describer generation room

100 sensory assessors

More than 100 assessors are employed in the laboratories (Iso 8586/1 – Iso 8586/2 – Guideline n. 37 CCFRA) divided into 12 panels specialized into macro-merceologies.


Product categories

Expertise areas concern: oils, sauces and seasoning, pasta, ready-to-eat products, substitutes of bread and salty snacks, milk and fresh derivatives, fresh and matured cheese, cold meats and salami, vegetables, vegetable preserves, coffee and infusions, soft drinks, sweet baked products, chocolate, cosmetics, detergents and personal care products.
However, methodological and theoretical experience enables us to reliably cope with any other kind of product

consensory corners

Sensory assessors

Who are the sensory assessors

A sensory assessor  has been selected to work in a panel as he/she is naturally gifted  and methodologically trained. No machine that is able to evaluate the intensity of the  attributes of a given product ( i.e. the intensity of sweetness or bitterness or sourness) has been invented so far. A sensory assessor is able to do it.

    What is the difference between consumers and assessors

    Consumers express subjective evaluations, i.e. levels of appreciation, preferences, acceptability, expectations.

    Assessors express objective evaluations, levels of intensity, classifications through attributes. Consumers and assessors are not in conflict but complementary, summing up we may say that assessors measure what consumers appreciate.

    How to become a sensory assessor

    Periodically, our panel leader calls selections to recruit and train new sensory assessors. The screening activity of candidates lasts for about 1 week and it aims at assessing their aptitude.

    sconsensory corner

    Beauty & Toiletries testing area

    A highly sensorial experience

    Texture, color, smell, pack are the main drivers of liking for cosmetics, detergents and household cleaning order to turn the use of a good into a consume experience, sophisticated research techniques and specialized test points are required. Within Consensory Corners, therefore, we use a test room with special sensory booths, each of them equipped with wash basin, mirror, adjacent preparation test room, air recycling and cleaning device.

    Consensory Corners


    Logistics is a key element in market research in particular for those agencies, such as Adacta International, who decided to specialise in product testing.


    The logistic manager


    A resource who coordinates all the activities of product management

    Sample storage

    A logistic organization with wide warehouses equipped with facilities for the storage, handling and transport  of products to be tested


    The development of special skills in labelling and anonymising  the products to be tested


    A computerised system supports the different phases of the sample preparation, allowing accurate monitoring of logistics until destination

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