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Would you like to be sure of your creative strategy before implementing it, in order to understand whether it is really able to engage the target audience with the right message?

ThinkBig is the solution aimed at analysing and optimising the communication concept, to develop the creative platform and its execution.

The communication concept is analysed in a qualitative and/or qual-quant approach, using the Laddering technic that can be run f2f in focus groups or in an online community.

The use of images and associations will reconstruct the whole mental chain of meanings and emotions generated by the stimulus.

The interpretation model is based on key parameters, i.e.: understanding of the key idea, relevance of the insight, resonance of the message, uniqueness, brand-fit, versatility of the strategy platform and media scalability.

The output allows to finalise and understand the persuasive efficacy of the concept on the base of KPIs and collects suggestions and hints for its execution.


Would you like to know in advance whether your communication has the potential to stand out and persuade your target audience?

ADiagnosis verifies the good performance of the creative idea (TV, print, POP material) and its effects on the brand through a qualitative or qual-quant approach.

It applies to any stimulus material, i.e. storyboard, rubamatic, billboards, dynamic ads, films. If there were several creative variants to evaluate, it will identify the most potential one and collect suggestions for optimising it.

The gathering method can be qualitative or qual-quant and integrates also some neurometrics (facial reading or bio-tracker or  eye-tracker) depending on the stimulus.

The qualitative approach works on both the individual and social registers using preliminary IDIs followed by focus groups.

The qual-quant method approaches the communication through a community that combines quantitative questions about standard KPIs with open and group discussion moments.

The output assesses the performance of the communication vs. key parameters, strategic objectives and media plan and provides also hints for its fine-tuning.


Do you wonder whether your website offers an easy and pleasant experience able to trigger a call to action to sell your products?

WebToGo analyses the customer experience of the website:

1.Usability: loading speed, intuitive navigation

2.Response and relevance of the content, message efficacy, ability to trigger call-to-action/purchase intention

3.Entertainment: look & feel, pleasantness of the experience.

It applies to websites, social media or e-commerce activities. The analysis integrates also the eye-tracking in order to identify how the glance moves around the screen and what the ‘hot’ points are through the heat-map.

The investigation method is qualitative and consists in an online interview with shared monitor for real time analysis of the performance of the website in test compared to the competitors’.

The output provides a complete overview of the performance of the website and the quality of the experience when using it and hints for optimisations, if any.

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