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Would you like to know how the relation between consumers and the products of your interest changes depending on the season and the market evolution so to get hints and insights?

WaveTracking is a long-term community (with recurring waves) that analyses how the relation between consumers and products evolve over the time.

Seasons, promos, purchase occasions, mood and lifestyle greatly influence the consumers’ preferences, their purchase decisions and consumption rituals.

To understand how the consumers’ feeling and experience changes over the time and what products catch the target group’s interest each time allows to keep the market dynamics under control.

This approach is intended to be continuous, but it can also include occasional qualitative and/or quantitative deep-diving on specific topics.

The output allows the Companies to optimise their strategies by analysing consumer behaviours and what influences them both positively and negatively.

Shop & Grap

Are you wondering whether the retail is meeting your customers’ needs and is offering them the best purchase experience as possible?

Shop & Grab analyses the target group’s needs, behaviours and satisfaction with the in-store experience vs. what given by retailers and brands from the competition.

The in-store experience is investigated at 360°: layout, paths, navigation, assortment (width and depth), adjacent fit, quality of the experience, ability of the display to push the purchase intention.

Through its qualitative (face-to-face or app-mobile shopping along) or qual-quantitative approaches (in-store interviews), the  Shop & Grab allows to test:

  • ­Specialised points of sales, i.e. pharmacies, franchised stores, big shopping centres and hypermarkets
  • Shopping experiences limited to a specific category of interest.

The output merges opinions and behaviours to identify the ‘nudges’ to trigger and the ‘bias’ to overcome in the purchase experience so to maximise their appeal.


Would you like to analyse the health of a product in the months following its launch, to verify what worked the best or the worst in its marketing mix and correct anything, if needed, to restore its appeal during the purchase phase?

Sonar is a qualitative approach thoroughly investigating the consumer’s relationship with the product at more levels: the purchase and consumption experience; the pack, price and communication “desk” analysis to understand the logics underlying satisfaction and dissatisfaction; product perception; and areas of improvement.

In methodological terms, Sonar makes use of f2f in-depth interviews supported by a mobile app to explore the point of sales.

The sample will include the current Users of the product, the Lapsed (those who have abandoned the product), the Switchers (those switching the use) and the Potential (those who might be in target and approached the product for the first time for the test).

The output consists in an accurate diagnosis of the levers driving to the success or failure of the product and in identifying the possible actions to renew the enthusiasm around it  in the next future.

Consensory® OVERVIEW

Would you like to identify the sensory white areas in the competitive scenario to benefit of new business opportunities?

Consensory® OVERVIEW extends the Consensory® Key method to the study of a whole category, aiming to run a real sensory overview survey taking into consideration the leading brands, the followers, the Private Labels and the B Brands.

Consensory® OVERVIEW depicts the competitive framework of a category, by identifying what products are the most liked and why.

It highlights the segmentation of consumers’ tastes and preferences; it identifies the sensory areas with the highest potential of success and any white areas.

Consensory® V.I.P.

Does your product meet the expectations? Do brand and pack improve the consumer’s satisfaction?

Consensory® V.I.P. is a consumer research methodology with a “global approach”. It is based on the presupposition that the real performance of a product comes from three key drivers:

1.Appeal, based on the image (brand, pack, claim, information, etc.) able to generate positive expectations

2.Sensory strength, meant as ability to satisfy the consumer’s taste (liking)

3.Perceived equity of the value for money (of that product, with that image)

It allows to collect the expectations generated by the image (pack), to measure the sensory performance of the product as such, to understand whether it is able to satisfy those expectations.

It also verifies whether and how the image (brand, pack, claim) improves the perception and enhances the product in the consumer’s eyes.

Monitora Smart

Would you like to know whether your product keeps satisfying the consumer’ in their daily life? Would you like to gather more suggestions for improvement among those who are already using it?

Monitora Smart is a monitoring tool that allows to verify the performance of the own product among a wide sample of households using the category, either regularly or occasionally. The performance can also be compared with the market leader and/or other competitors of interest.

The assessment is monadic and is run in the most real situation as possible: the usual consumption at home, with “branded” products, directly purchased at the point of sales by the respondent.

What it gathers:

  • Before the purchase: the “expected” score in liking; the potential interest to purchase at a given price; the reasons for the purchase and no-purchase intention;
  • After the purchase and the consumption: real liking (overall liking), Satisfaction and Disappointment Indexes, perceived sensory profiles, “desired” improvements or recommended by consumers;
  • In parallel, a panel of trained sensory evaluators gathers the objective features of the product and identifies the differences from the benchmark.

Monitora Consumer
Expert Panel

Would you like to regularly verify the performance of your products using an ad-hoc panel for you?

Consensory® PCQDA is the main quantitative descriptive sensory method. A Panel of trained evaluators allows to define the objective sensory profile of the product, by repeatedly measuring the intensity of the characteristic attributes.

It is interesting and effective in development projects, when you need to learn in detail about:

  • The objective differences between two or more products of the same product category, or between more prototypes when fine-tuning their formula
  • The own product profile and of its main competitors
  • The effect of a change in ingredients on its sensory profile when re-launching an existing product.


Consensory® DOMINO

Would you like to know what of your product is “sensed” when tasting it, what its “dominant” sensory attributes are and which of them are able to catch the consumer’s attention?

Consensory® DOMINO is the most innovative dynamic sensory method, able to analyse the succeeding sensory perceptions during and after the product tasting. In fact, while chewing in the mouth, food transforms and the sensory stimuli generate succeeding feelings.

The method applies the technic of the “temporal dominance of sensations” and helps understand when it occurs. Knowing in what tasting moment a sensory perception shows up is as important as knowing its intensity.

So it helps identifying what among the many sensory attributes of a product are the prevailing/dominant ones in the perception while eating, determining then its liking score.

Sensory Performance Stability

Once manufactured and packaged, does your product maintain its sensory characteristics over the time? Does its pack properly protect its quality?

The Sensory Performance Stability test allows to analyse the evolution over the time of the sensory characteristics of a product, even in conditions of simulated ageing. It uses a panel of trained evaluators.

These studies are useful to define the shelf-life (even trade) of a product, which depends on both its intrinsic characteristics and how it has been packaged and preserved, They can be also run in combination with a product test.

The study can actually concern also the suitability/effectiveness of the pack (packaging material) to best preserve the product features.


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